Buying a Christmas tree is a very personal choice, and after you buy yours, we want to make sure you know the best way to look after it.

In this article, Graham and Dave go through the simple steps to make sure your tree looks amazing until after New Year.

1. If you buy your tree early, store it in cool conditions away from wind and sunlight until you need it to bring it in. A garage or shed is perfect.

2. Whilst storing the tree, allow it to ‘breathe’ by cutting off the netting when you get it home to allow air to flow through the foliage.

3. Before taking it inside, cut a centremetre or two off the bottom of the trunk. This makes a clean cut to allow water to flow round the tree.

4. Place the cut end into your stand (which should ideally be able to hold water).

5. Site the tree in the coolist part of the room but more importantly away from direct heat like fires, fan heaters or radiators.

6. Fill the stand with water enuring that the cut end of your tree in submerged and don’t forget to keep the water topped up. Your tree could drink up to 4½ litres of water per day!

7. Make sure the tree is secure and remove the netting (if you’ve not already done so) in its stand before decorating.

8. Make sure the lights are working before putting them round the tree!!!!

9. Decorate to your taste.

10. Enjoy!

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